Is there cell service at Lake Alpine?

Service is found by some near the water, most out on the water, and all a short trip back up the hill at Silvertip campground. The lodge and cabins are stuck in the past (the way we like it).

Is there wifi?

There is no wifi at Lake Alpine Lodge or in the cabins

Are dogs allowed?

We love dogs! Leashed dogs are welcome in every area of Lake Alpine excluding our restaurant dining room.

Is the restaurant open for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Once we open for the 2019 season, the restaurant will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 11-830 for lunch and dinner.

Can I make restaurant reservations?

Reservations are taken only for very large groups (20+). All other parties are seated by arrival.

Where do we rent boats/paddleboards? Can we make reservations?

Boats are rented daily, first-come first-serve from the store.

How much do boat rentals cost?

Find a price list for boats here.

Are life jackets included with rentals?

Life jackets and oars are included with rentals. Life jackets must be worn at all times with rentals.

How much does it cost to launch a boat?

There is no charge to launch a personal boat. Please note there is always a 10 mph speed limit on Lake Alpine.

Is the water in the cabins potable?

Our water comes from a mountain spring and is tested regularly. It is potable and delicious.

Are the cabins heated?

Each cabin has a gas fireplace operated by thermostat.

Am I able to have a campfire while staying in a cabin?

If you own a self contained, screened, small fire pit, it can be used in the parking areas of our property. Fire rings may not be built. If your party would like to have a fire during your stay, we recommend renting a tent cabin, which each have a fire pit, renting a campsite (west shore is a short walk from the lodge), or using one of the day use areas surrounding the lake.

Do the cabins have full kitchens?

All cabin kitchens (except Quaking Aspen) have basic appliances: Refrigerator, range, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. Ponderosa, Sequoia, Jeffrey Pine, and White Pine also have an oven. Quaking Aspen has a mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. All cabins have basic cutlery and dishware.

Are the tent cabins heated?

Tent cabins are only heated by your bodies! Inside is a simply a light and 4 beds. Unique to the tent cabins, however, they each have their own fire pit outside.

Do I need bedding for a tent cabin?

You will need bedding to stay in a tent cabin.

Can we have a fire at the tent cabin?

Each tent cabin has a fire pit, picnic table, and bear box. Fires must be completely contained inside the fire pit. Tent cabins are the only place on property where fires are permitted. If you would like to have a fire we recommend renting a tent cabin or campsite.

Do the campsites have RV hookups?

RVs are welcome in all our campsites except Backpackers, but there are no utility hookups available.

Does my RV fit in this site?

Maps of sites with lengths are available here.

Is there a dump station on site?

There is not a dump station at Lake Alpine.

Do the campsites have potable water?

Every campsite offers shared water supplies. The water is frequently tested by the health department and completely safe to drink. Containers to bring water back to your campsite are necessary.

Do the campsites have restrooms/showers?

Flush toilets are at every campsite. Showers are available on property at Lake Alpine Lodge. Coin operated showers/laundry are located 350 feet up the hill directly behind the lodge.

Are the campsites full?

Our campsites have many walk-in sites available, and our many camp hosts collect fees for each site. As a result, our knowledge of campsite occupancy at the Lodge tends to be a day behind. We will not be able to provide accurate information on current vacancy over the phone. The best way to guarantee a site is to reserve online. If there are no sites available online, that is the best indicator that all walk-in sites will fill up, and an early arrival is advised.

Are there camp hosts?

We have many camp hosts, present 24/7 in each campsite. They are happy to answer questions you may have, help find the most enjoyable campsite for your group, and ensure that all campers can enjoy their time at Lake Alpine.

How do I pay for a walk-in site?

Once you arrive, look for a site that does not have an occupant or a reservation notice on the post. If you find one, Congratulations! The site is yours. Park at the site, take note of your license plate number, grab a pen, and walk to the camp entrance. There you will find envelopes. Place the cash inside the envelope, fill out the form. Place the envelope in the paypost, and attach the stub to the post at your campsite. Camp hosts are available to assist.

Can I pay for a campsite with a check?

Cash is the only accepted payment for walk-ins. An ATM is located in the store. Payment by card is necessary for online reservations.

There is a fire ban in effect. Can I have a fire at my campsite?

The vast majority of fire bans in our area do not apply to fires built in permanent campsites with permanent, dedicated fire rings. Be sure to check the specific language of any fire bans in effect, but it will most likely not apply to campsites at Lake Alpine.

Note: All fire must be contained within the fire ring. Logs which extend out of the fire ring are dangerous.

Are dogs allowed in the campsites?

Leashed dogs are weldcome in every area of Lake Alpine with exception to the restaurant dining room. Dogs must also be attended, i.e. not left tethered alone in a campsite.